Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | June 15, 2018


The last week has felt like a lifetime  OnFriday the 7th june I had a stroke

After an uncomfortable nights sleep tossing and turning, I awoke to find ààa1 on my phone was hard, my phone kept falling out of my hand  when I got up I found  I was ubable to finger chords on my guitar.

When i went shopping I was dragging my left leg  I made it back to my car I noticed nmymouth had slouched down too the l eft.

I drove home parked my car in the visitors spot. I decided to  walk to the base of muttobbird island. I was shuffling mo re and more, veering off the p ath ..

I walked up past the high school leaning left. On the hill towards the united service station i almost fell over as 3 workmen stood nearby oblivious.

I walked  up the very steep hill on jarrett hoping to make the top. I knew I was in trouble when I went to walk down my sreep driveway; I broke into a run as I couldn’t control my quads, putting my hands up to prevent a fall  i made it inside, lay on my bed, and decided to call ab ambulance. 1

I made it downstairs and outside until the ambulance arrived. Isat in the ambulance. I spent the rest of the day in  er I had a neck ultrasound, and a Ct scan, which was clear. The emergency doctor was hopeful it was a tia. A mini stroke which has the synp toms of a stroke bute clear up after 24 hours. The er was a younge fellow with dark hair and american accent.I saw th irish doctor whop ulled the insect wing out of my eye. There was nurse with a tatoo down his arm.

The Ct scan and ulta sound was clear, but the mri would confirm the disgnosis. It wa a claustrophobic affair. Jackhammer like sound, whirring and thumping sounds for 25 minutes. I could see the  operator in the control room through mirrors. They didn’t have any of the music i asked for the cure or thomas n ewnan. So i had headphones on i co unted 1000…  200 0 and did some deep breathing.

It was about 5:00pm when igot back to er. It was dark, and I wheeked to a bed in the stroke unit



  1. Good luck with the long slow mend. I know a little of how you feel. For six months now I have had a hot burning sensation in my right foot and calf, numb tingling in my right hand and numbness in my right jaw, cheek and eye. Turns out I had a mild stroke back at the start of the year. Fair warning to me I suppose but still a bit of a shock as I imagine it was for you. As I said, good luck with the mend.

  2. thats awful, I hope you seeked medical arrenrion

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