Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | April 14, 2018

Moonee Creek Sunset

Last weekend there was a great sunset over the Sawtell Baths. I was setting up to take photos and realised the battery wasn’t in my camera. A sunset that got away.

Not tonight. Battery was charged and I was out the door about 40 minutes before sunset. The clouds were clearing to north, no clouds over Sawtell, and the best sunset would be north of Coffs. So I hit the freeway thinking the clouds facing west would put on good light over Coffs Creek.


A crowd had gathered at the pedestrian bridge. They were looking at a stingray below in the shallow water. It was a dark colour with white spots.

The tide was quite low and I walked along the smooth pebbles at the edge of the creek. I had to crawl under the tree overhanging. Then it was open going along the sand, The clouds were thinning towards sunset.

I went out to where the rocks were being washed by the incoming tide. And hoped to get a shot with the last sun light touching the rocks. I found a rock to perch on, and there was a hint of light on the foreground rocks and clouds that went up high.


The light went from orange to purple, and then the higher clouds began to lose light so I zoomed in closer.


An enjoyable evening.








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