Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | December 3, 2017

What the ocean gave me

Tonight’s sunset was good from several angles. The ocean gives me  an escape, peace and feeling of belonging heading into another week in the world of people, in which I often fear facing and feel too broken to be a part.

At the oceans edge I feel creative, talented- sane. I like to think that it is the real me, and I suppose that is not something I need validation of, it is a truth only I need to acknowledge.

Last week was good for me relative to the last few months, I am moving into a place of safety, where my thoughts have cleared to start focusing on what brings me joy.

I am getting right into Florence and the Machine. What the Water is gave me, is a song I really like.


The ocean is a place without the fear. It gives me memories that let me know that there is always the ocean, clouds and tides when everything seems bad. Things I want to see and hear.


A ghostly moon was rising, concealed partially by the thin clouds.




I watched the movie Loving Vincent on Saturday and enjoyed.

“I want to show by my work what this eccentric, this nobody has in his heart.


  1. Paul, this is amazingly beautiful! A wonderful poetic galerie and a stunning tribute. Love it!
    Have a great Sunday!

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