Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | October 22, 2017

Man of colours

This is what I want to see. Even if I never saw another human soul in my life I wouldn’t mind. The colour at the end of the day is worth living for.

And the old man rubs his failing eyes
And takes a moment to watch the view
From a window nobody knows is there
He can see the empty street below
He says, “I keep my life in this paintbox
I keep your face in these picture frames
And when I speak to this faded canvas it tells me
I have no need for words anyway…”
And he says, “I…
I am a man,
A simple man,
A man of colours,
And I can see
See through these tears,
Tears of a man,
A man of colours”

Man of colours Icehouse




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