Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | February 8, 2017

So another one of my photos made cover page of ABC open. Always makes me happy. Makes the sun come out for a while, even at sunset. I become someone who creates images of the beauty of light at the beginning and end of the day. Someone who stands before the light, and revels in it, flies away into the clouds themselves.

When I take photos of sunset, or when I run in my own company along the creek trail, I become someoneĀ else entirely. Or perhaps I become no-one at all, unaware of self at all. That soul is only known to myself, but perhaps it is the real me? The old me, that innocent child who lost his way, surfaces in moments of play before the colours and sounds of the beach at sunset.

The golden hour of sunset lasts a short time. But that is what I want to see and hear. I’d rather look at the light of a sunset for a minute.


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