Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | July 11, 2016

Got to get my act together

A brilliant sunrise this morning, and I missed the best of it.

I left it too late, took too long to find the camera, camera battery, car keys,  glasses. I needed to clean the filters, my lens had a smudge on it. Then it was a slow, slow drive over to Park Beach.

Have get going earlier. 5:00am at the latest.

I set up and the light was still monumental.  As I took photos, droplets of ocean spray coated my filter. Grrrr. Time wasted wiping it off. The best light was over Macauleys Headland. I watched this fire of glorious light and knew I didn’t have the time to get over the headland there to photograph it. Bummer.

You’d think seascape photography is a peaceful pastime, but it can be frustrating. The best sunrises are elusive, things have a way of conspiring for me to miss them.

I can’t miss any more good sunrises or sunsets! I need to be vigilant, get into bed early. Have all my gear packed ready to go, and be set up well before dawn.


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