Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | July 4, 2016

Best sunset of the year

So this sunset is a story of how I overcame conspiracies to photograph the most colourful sunset of the year. Today my new orthotics were meant to arrive. I went to podiatrist, my appointment was 4:15am. I thought there will be a wonderful sunset tonight and I will miss it while I am in my podiatrist appointment.

The podiatrist advised me that my orthotics hadn’t arrived. So I made another appointment on Thursday. The clouds to the west looked really interesting, a kind of mackeral sky, relatively low altitude with lots of gaps for the sun to sneak through.

I drove home rather than check my mail. I nearly crashed my car looking at this potentially monumental sunset developing! When I got home I realised my camera battery was low. Fortunately it wasn’t flat, but it was below 50%. Sunset is at 4:59pm. So I decided to get some more charge into the battery.

I left home at about 4:30.

I looked at the clouds but wasn’t sure where the best light would show up. I was going to drive down to Gallows but I am glad I didn’t. The best light was to the west over the hills.  I committed to go to the bridge over Coffs Creek. I stood on the bridge and the light went through orange, colourful but now jaw dropping light.

I saw some Yellow-tailed Cockatoos fly above. “Hello cockies, rrrrrkkkk, rrrrkkk.” I said hello to my spirit birds, a good omen no doubt.

A few drops of rain sprinkled the creek surface. They were fat-bottomed clouds. “Fat bottomed clouds make the world go around.” I sang. I get a bity silly when there is good light about.

The bottom of the clouds fired orange and then a brilliant crimson, almost blood like. And they reflected almost perfectly in the mirror still Coffs Creek. Coffs_Creek_3.jpg

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