Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | June 21, 2016

Best sunrise of the year


I have  been awake every morning for a series of drab sunrises. So this morning I was awake early, and I went out to the car. The battery in my camera was flat. No worries still 5o minutes to sunrise. I started to charge the camera. After 15 minutes I looked over at the charger, no flashing orange light. The whole up stairs power had shorted out. 15 minutes wasted. Sunrise was at 6:44am. The battery still low less than 5o%. I left it until 6:28 before jumping in the car and racing down to Jetty  Furious at all the things that have conspired against me photographing the best sunrises and sunsets. My camera falling in the  creek, a flat battery, faulty SD cards, tripod not locking in, lens errors where my lens will not talk to my camera. And this morning after managing to get some hopefully half decent photos of sunrise; I come home and my 4 month old new computer shorted out for the 2nd time. I am beginning to believe strongly in conspiracy theories.



  1. Hahahaha Shero, go on holidays and science goes out the window. Disappointing about all the glitches! Maybe it’s life conspiring to tell you that you need to get away from your home for a while – and take that camera off for some new adventures. Hope the glitches cease. Enjoy this time!!! Bron xx

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