Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | June 18, 2016

Macualeys Headland


I headed out early and the clouds looked promising, a bit of a gap low on the horizon. I drove to Park Beach thinking I might try to capture the cloud reflections in the rock pool there. Then I drove up to Diggers Beach and for a while I thought about taking photos there, but it is a hard beach to get a good photo of. In the end I went back to Macauleys to the Rocks that point right out in the direction of the rising sun. I witnessed some magnificent sunrises there last winter. It is possible to capture the sunrise clouds and the first golden light on the rocks. A bit annoying that I am having to use my 17-40mm lens without a filter. I bracketed lots of shots. In camera raw it is possible to maintain detail in highights and shadows and adjust them with the sliders



  1. Came out very well. I’ve been playing around with the dehaze in graded filter in LR for skys. Brings out alot of detail with just a little added.

    • I use my Lee Neutral density filters with the 16-35mm lens. It helps balance the sky and foreground out. I have also tried exposing for the sky and foreground and merging images.

      • I am so bad at trying filters. I take them out then forget to use them. Two exposures would be nice if I used a tripod. I know him to, just lazy.

      • I bought a cam ranger recently it does focus stacking for you. Also I have started to experiment with image stitching and panoramas. Sometimes a single image doesn’the capture a scene.

      • Panoramas are fun. Image stacking with macros would be fun to try. Hope you have fun too.

      • Thanks Sherry, my cam ranger will also help with flower photographer, particularly plants in awkward positions.

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