Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | June 17, 2016

Coffs Creek


I had almost given up on yesterday’s sunset, it was all too gloomy and rainy outside. Then when I looked outside closer to dusk the sky to west was beginning to clear and the light looked promising. So I rushed down to Coffs Creek, estimating the the best light would be to the west over the hills. There was a gap low on the horizon, and the clouds were quite thin, which was promising. My 16-35mm lens in no longer talking to my camera, I get a error message to clean the lens contacts. So I dug out the 17-40mm lens. I can’t find the adaptor ring for the filter holder, so for this sunset I used no filter and bracketed exposures. The clouds became thinner and thinner as sunset proceeded, and in the end the promise of sky folling sunset clouds was not fulfilled.

For the final shots I went up onto the Orlando Street Road Bridge, which is a better vantage point for sunsets. It was a more subtle sunrise than I hoped for.


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