Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | March 23, 2016

Diggers Beach Autumn

Clouds are transient. I looked out my window before sunrise and I saw some interesting clouds. I decided to get up and photograph the dawn. First I headed to Jetty Beach, but my interesting clouds that were overhead before dawn were now heading towards Diggers Beach. I still had twenty minutes before dawn, and I made Diggers in plenty of time. By this time my interesting bank of high clouds was out to sea disappearing over the horizon.

So I started with 35mm, because on anything wider the clouds were swallowed up by an expanse of cloudless sky. A few rounded pebbles strewn on the beach became foreground interest, and something solid to focus my lens on. Cloud reflections in sand are my favourite things, so I did a dance with the waves and backwash to get my camera in place each time the ocean retreated revealing to me the wet sand art, which I love.




Last one looking out to sea



  1. The pebbles as foreground anchor are great!

  2. Thanks Sue, its really hard to focus on beach sand, so pebbles come in handy, and they are something I enjoy to look at walking along a beach.

  3. beautiful, so serene and peaceful

  4. Thank you Julz, I always feel at peace after a morning taking seascapes.

  5. stunning!!

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