Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | July 17, 2015

Korora Headland

I looked out my window in the darkness before dawn, and I couldn’t even see any stars. I thought it might be a rainy morning. I jumped in my car and saw a window of light in the north. I headed to Macauleys Car Park. Then I started to walk and the gap on the horizon was further on than the rock platform at Macauleys, so I walked onto to Diggers, and it was cold. I thought I’d head to Little Diggers, but the colourful clouds were beyond that on Korora Headland.

I managed to reach Korora Headland and it is a steep rocky headland surrounded by cliffs. So my photos needed to be taken at a high vantage point. My filters fell off the front of the camera, and rolled off down the hill, I thought I had lost them, but I recovered them on the rim of the cliff.



They turned out to be after dawn shots with still some pink in the sky and waves breaking around the rocks at the base of the headland.


  1. The light on these is golden and perfect. I would get up before dawn too if I knew I might be able to make photos like these.

  2. you’re a real inspiration – stunning photos! Plus, you are up and out before dawn! impressive. I’ve noticed, and enjoy your commentaries and stories you’re been adding to your posts now!! 🙂 Debi

  3. Thanks Sherry, I am hoping to get as many mornings as I can this year.

    Debi, taking photos in winter is OK, I can be rugged up for that. Going for run is another thing entirely. Thanks.

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