Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | July 1, 2015

A vision suspended

So I missed yesterday’s most brilliant sunrise at Macauley’s, no flash card in my camera when I arrived! Today’s sunrise was nowhere near as spectacular but I enjoyed the cloud relfections on the low tide at Jetty Beach. I feel really safe standing on a beach at dawn- a million miles away from the troubles on this world.

And then the first light of dawn warms my soul, and I feel renewed.




  1. It’s time like that that I am so glad my camera takes two cards and one card never leaves the camera. These are still lovely Paul.

  2. Good idea, Leanne. I usually have two camera bodies with both with cards in my bag. One of my cameras doesn’t upload photos, so I have to switch the card into the one that does. I left it out of the bag!

  3. Love the photos. I prefer using a card reader in my computer. I place the camera next to the computer and put the card back into the camera when I am done editing in Lightroom and wiping the card. I hate it when I forget what I need. I once showed up for a shoot with the camera and tripod but no plate to attach the camera to the tripod.

  4. I’ve done the thing with tripod plate too, Sherry. Thanks Paul.

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