Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | October 6, 2013

New England Flowers

Yesterday  I took a day off running and went to New England National Park. I seem to have lost my motivation to run at the moment.  Trying to find some peace out in the natural world seems to be more of a motivation at present. I hadn’t been to New England National Park since 2004, right before I became very unwell, a 5 year descent into utter hell. My camera gathered dust in the corner of my apartment for years because I wasn’t well enough to use it. The camera filters I had bought that remained unopened for nearly ten years. I had hoped to use them.

And I didn’t see it coming.

A long, long ten years. Another five year battle, without an end In sight. And then five years later, I started running again. And so I returned to New England National Park, a survivor. More than a survivor, a marathon runner, an ultra marathon runner. I returned to New England National Park having lived, having succeeded in my greatest achievement = happiness.

And I didn’t see that coming either.

Sometimes life is like a runaway train, carrying you blindly along, to new destinations, some like hell, some like heaven, with often bland scenery in between.

What you don’t see coming in life  is not always bad I’ve discovered. Sometimes it can be surprising, wonderful, dream-like and miraculous. Like the last 5 years.

Sometimes I get  scared about what is just around the corner that I can’t see comming?  But what is coming doesn’t have to be feared. It might be that dream you are working towards, coming true,  step by small step.

I am stronger this time. I am a survivor.


Solanum prinophyllum


Epacris breviflora

Fragrant Pepperbush (Tasmaninia purpurascens)


Leptospermum novae-angliae


Epacris breviflora

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