Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | September 29, 2013

Middle Creek Sherwood Nature Reserve

I went looking for Dracophyllum secundum. A species with a disjunct distribution from Sydney in the Middle Creek Area of Sherwood Nature Reserve. Middle Creek is located in the Glenreagh sandstone north of Coffs Harbour. It is a rocky creek, and forms a bit of a canyon, with cliffs on one side of the creek. It is in this shaded habitat that the rock clinging Dracophyllum secundum occurs. It had finished flowering, some individuals had old flowers and fruits. It was hard to photograph because of the wind.

It was a warm day and the creek was a lot lower than last time I was there.

Pink Rock Orchids were also in flower.




A couple of Pea Flowers


Pultenaea rostrata


Long-leaved Bitter Pea (Daveisia wyattiana)


Oval-leaved MInt Bush (Prostanthera ovalifolia)


Flakey-Barked Tea-tree (Leptospermum trinervium)


Dracophyllum secundum old flowers and fruits.

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