Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | September 14, 2013

Shannon Creek

A very hot day. I drove back to Shannon Creek. There wasn’t much in flower. I did see a plant of the Shannon Creek Boronia near the road side. The wind was blowing the branches and I found it hard to get a photo in focus. Nearby in the creek below two Diamond Pythons were dancing together in a  sort of courtship display. One of the snakes reared up, its neck in an S-shape, showing a yellow underbelly. It was a big snake. I’d seen one earlier that day crossing the road right in front of me, which gave me a fright. A lot of the sandstone bush had been burnt in a recent fire, nothing to photograph there.


Shannon Creek Boronia Boronia hapalophylla

There was also some Cloanthes parviflora an unusual plant with bubble/pouched like leaves and mauve tubular flowers.


I met the guy who manages the reserve near a bushwalking track. I told him I was working on a book of wildflowers.

There was also a prostrate Dillwynia, that I think is Dillwynia “trichopopa”


I left before the dam closed at 3:00pm. I took a photo of Melaleuca sieberi and Melaleuca nodosa. A guy on a big Harley drove past, at high speed almost shaking the earth


Melaleuca nodosa


Melaleuca sieberi

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