Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | June 1, 2013

Moonee Beach am





Univited like the clouds

Steve Kilby The Church

I woke up early, and looked outside. The clouds covered the whole sky. As I drove north to Moonee Beach, I noticed there was a thin band of cloudless sky low down on the horizon that might let some dawn light.

The Pettina Pet Park had been bulldozed. This made me sad. They looked after Lenny my pet cockatiel very well the times I left her there. In the Moonee Beach car park there were tents erected. The Westpac helicopter charity run and walk was on. A big group of runners and walkers gathered. I was glad to be taking photos rather than running.

Even on the darkest of mornings there can be drama in the clouds. There was only colour in a thin band on the horizon and on the wet sand. The clouds up higher were dark, billowing and formidable. A few surfers greeted the pre-dawn for a ride. One of them took an easy ride on the current of Monnee Creek.

This locality is a keeper, one worth going back to at different times. There are interesting ochre and white, algae and barnacle covered foreground rocks. A couple of the Solitary Islands seen on the horizon. The Moonee Creek estuary. Green Bluff Headland. Sand flats wet with the ocean and creek water.

Each morning is like a fingerprint, unique in its timing, and position of clouds, ocean and light. A truly amazing world. Some say it is not manly to cry, but sometimes that is my response to the amazing things I see in that magic hour at sunrise and sunset. A mix of awe and emotion, like a child at a fireworks display. Sunrises and sunsets can be like that, each change in light like a beautiful firework going off.

When I arrived back in Coffs, the clouds were so thin and high they might not have been clouds at all.

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