Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | May 26, 2013

Bundageree Creek







The sun came

and with it the wamth

of the new day’s light.

The moon set

and softened was the cold

of the farewelled night.

Sunday of a busy weekend taking photos. I drove to Tuckers Rocks and walked to Bundagen Healdand. The tide was low and the rocks were out of the water. Seaweed and small rounded stones were scattered on the sand. There were strips of ocean foam on the beach. I heard a New Holland Honeyeater chatter in the bushes. The clouds had retreated into into the distance on the horizon.  I watched as the Qantas Link Boeing Dash and Virgin Jet, tracked along the coast on approach to Coffs Harbour airport. A small plane on a joy flight flew low and fast above the beach.

The vegetation on top of the small rock outcrop had been burnt. As expected Bundageree Creek was flowing quickly out over the beach into the sea. This creek only flows into the ocean at times of high rainfall. There wasn’t much cloud interest so I tried to focus on the colours in the wet sand, and blurring the fast flowing water of the creek.

A White-faced Heron kept me company as I took photographs. The creek eroded away at its sandy bank and I could hear sand splashing into the creek as the bank gave way.

I walked back to car after dark. The tide had changed and there wasn’t much beach to walk on in places. It was very dark and the stars sprinkled the sky. A big full moon started to rise over the horizon. It was and orange and shimmery crescent. It disappeared between a bank of clouds.

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