Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | December 27, 2012

Perth City lights

I ventured to the Lookout at Kings Park to take photographs of the city lights at night. There was a big crowd of spectators at the lookout and I was asked to take photographs of other people gathered there wishing to be photographed with the view. Clouds travelled behind the buildings and I used a neutral graduation filter to darken the sky.


view from Kings Park


The next evening I wandered down to the Swan River via cycle paths under the Narrows Bridge. In 2007, I remember standing on the Narrows Bridge and looking towards the horizon across the calm river waters. My knee was in pain, but had been better than it had for some time. I looked into an unknown future wondering if I would ever beat the knee pain. I could not have imagined how much my life has changed in those 5 years. Running marathons, taking photos with a digital camera. I never even dreamed these things were possible. To run 20km in the morning, and then walk around the city taking photos.In 2007, walking down into the city was a challenge for me knee. Back then I went shopping for rigid strapping tape in chemists, I taped my knee all the time.

There was a small sandy beach with stunted paperbarks growing on the waterline where I set up my tripod.  Council House a small muli story building not only changed colour from red, green to blue, but this evening it was blue with a green shape of a christmas tree.


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