Posted by: Paul Sheringhams blog: a place of running dreams come true | December 27, 2012

Kings Park Plants – a world less ordinary

There is such detail in this sweet beautful earth that brings me peace.

On Christmas Eve I took my camera up into Kings Park to take photographs of wildflowers. I walked out along the limestone escarpment and a few of the same species were flowering as on previous trips to Perth. Summer is not the peak flowering period in the bushland of King’s Park, but one of the wonders of the bush is that there is always something to see .


Hemigenia pungens

I had some trouble identifying this plant. It is Pixie Mops, with the flowers turning into fruit. I looked at google images for this species and the flowers looked at different stages than mine.


Petrophile linearis


Melaleuca systena

When I was taking photographs of wildflowers I felt at peace for a little while. When I am beyond the reach of the crowds of the city I can relax. I am suddenly taken away with the flow of light at the days end and with the colour and detail of flowers that I discover as I look around me. This sweet beautiful earth, this sweet beautiful earth, the words came to mind. I can feel so troubled, such a failure, but the beauty and detail in the world of nature never ceases to be able to soothe me, and what an incredible place this earth is comes clear.

Beyond the burnt limbs of heath shrubs reaching upwards I could see the last light of the sun illuminating the Perth Skyline. The BHP building the most prominent amongst them. Loud doof doof music from a small boat navigating the Swan reached me on the trail. I could see a tall christmas tree not far from the Narrows Bridge with a star on top of it. A few joggers and walkers went past, becoming increasingly more shadowy as the light left the trail.

When it was dark and I could no longer see to focus on the flowers, I returned to my motel. When I reached brighter lights near the Shrine of remembrance, and the crowds of people enjoying a christmas eve picnic on the King’s Park lawn; I felt that the lights had come up after a good movie, and I had to re-enter a world more ordindary. I hurried past the crowds and returned to my motel.

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